Yellowdig Hashtags

Jul 27, 2021

Hashtags are super-useful for navigation so I hope you will use them in your posts. That means people can then click on a hashtag to see related posts, using the hashtag as a way to filter and focus. Unlike Topics, which are predefined in advance, you can create new hashtags as needed. So, that means you can create a hashtag for your portfolio, along with using hashtags to identify the formats and genres you are experimenting with... and our hashtag network will take shape person by person, story by story! Details below.

IMPORTANT: Use lower-case when creating hashtags!!! This is a weird glitch in the Yellowdig system: the hashtag links in a post are case-sensitive. So, if/when you create a new hashtag, try to remember to make your hashtag all lower-case. (Yellowdig does not warn you about this.)

CREATING HASHTAGS. To add a hashtag to a post just type # in the body of the post and it will prompt you with existing hashtags. If you see an existing hashtag you want to use, just click on it. To create a new hashtag, just type the hashtag you want, and then hit "enter" — Yellowdig will then turn it purple, making it an active link in your post.

EDITING HASHTAGS. You can always add or remove a hashtag from a post. Just click on the 3-dot menu, then Edit, and you can add/remove hashtags as needed.

NAVIGATING WITH HASHTAGS. To navigate with hashtags, you can just click on the active hashtag link in a post OR you can use the Filter menu to the right and filter-by-hashtag.
*Note: As I explained above, the active hashtag link in a post will return good results only if the hashtag was created using only lower-case letters. Luckily, though, the filter-by-hashtag is not case-sensitive and works either way. :-)


There are three ways I thought hashtags might be a helpful way to organize our Yellowdig space: PORTFOLIOS - FORMATS - GENRES. If you think of another good way to use hashtags in your posts, let me know, and I'll add your strategy here too!

YOUR STORY PORTFOLIO. Yellowdig already lets you filter by user, but with hashtags we could do something a little more specific, with each person using a distinctive hashtag to label their portfolio, giving you a stream of stories only, separate from your other Yellowdig posts. By using a story portfolio hashtag like that, when someone is reading one of your stories and wants to look at your other stories too, all they have to do is click on that hashtag in your story.
Baseed on the roster, I think that everybody can safely use their first name to create the portfolio hashtag EXCEPT for the Jennifers and the Lauras (we are multiples!); so, to make my hashtag name unique I added first initial of my last name: like this: #lauragportfolio

STORY FORMATS. It might be useful to use hashtags to label some of the different type of story experiments that people might be trying. That way, if you are interested in trying that type of experiment yourself, you can take a look and see what other people are doing too. Here are some hashtags people might use for their experiments... and you can make new hashtags as needed of course!
#audio #twine
#100words #50words #6words
#2sentences #1sentence

HASHTAGS FOR GENRES. You could also use hashtags to identify your story by genre. There are so many possibilities here, so of course you can create new hashtags based on the genres you are exploring. Here are just a few to get you started, and it will be fun to see what other genres people are using, creating hashtags as you go.
#mythology #scifi #horror #supernatural #humor #fanfic #memoir
I was also thinking we could use the hashtag #land if you are writing stories connected to the land where you live and the peoples of that land.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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