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Aug 7, 2021

It's now Saturday here on the U.S. East coast... and I am so grateful to everybody for this week of stories, with many thanks also to Sean and all his colleagues who organized this event.

Stories and comments from Friday. There were new stories and also lots of comments that people posted in Yellowdig on Friday, so I'd urge everybody to check in to see what's there. You can use the "My Content" filter at Yellowdig (see screenshot from Day 5) as a way to look in on your own posts. I think that I commented on all the stories as of Friday afternoon, but if I missed commenting on one of your stories, let me know! If you posted something later on Friday, I'll be checking in over the weekend... and that goes for any stories people want to post this weekend or next week; it would be my pleasure to get to read and enjoy even more stories.

Yellowdig. I'm still waiting to hear from Sean how long we will have access to the Yellowdig space, but I hope that will be open for another week or two, both our own Storytelling space and also the Auditorium space. I know that a lot of people had serious time crunches this week that meant they didn't have as much time for DPL as they wanted, and some people were talking about a kind of "unconference" taking shape there in the Auditorium space, so you might want to check in there to see what's going on.

Making a book! We've got an amazing collection of stories  from last week, and I think we could come up with a wonderful anthology. If people want to keep writing, I say: yes, yes, yes, keep writing; there's room for as many stories as people want to write! I'm planning to wait until August 15 to see what stories people might want to contribute, and then start pulling the book together after August 15. More about doing a book here.

Blog posts from all the DPL tracks. Each of the tracks had a blog like this one with daily posts, and if you'd like to see all those posts, here they are on one page: DPL Tracks 2021. It's a treasure-trove of ideas and resources, videos, links, so much good stuff! You can also check out the keynote Q&A video recordings with Ashley McCall and Matthew Morris; they were both excellent!

The #DigPed community. As you've heard already from Sean, the idea with Digital Pedagogy Lab is to be more than just a week we spend together in August; we can continue to connect and share online going forward. Especially as the pandemic continues, I'm glad to be a resource for brainstorming and sharing ideas about teaching online. You've all got my email, and I'm active at Twitter: @OnlineCrsLady. Plus I'm a  believer in blogging, and I'll keep the blog network going; if any of you decide to set up a blog of your own, let me know and I'll add it to the network. (Greg had asked about learning networks online, and both Twitter and blogging have worked wonders for me; more about blogging.)

Feedback. This was my first time doing DPL, and I'll be doing this track again next year. I learned so much from this experience, and I've already got a lot of ideas for things to do differently to try to do a better job next time. If you have any feedback about what worked, what didn't, what might work better, please let me know. There's a feedback form here, or you can use my all-purpose suggestion box. Thanks in advance for your help and ideas!

suggestion box with open slot

Banner image. Pixabay.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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