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Jul 27, 2021

Below is information about the different spaces you might be visiting this week:

DPL Yellowdig. Log in at Yellowdig.
This is our private space and requires a log-in. All the other spaces/sites below are public-facing sites. I'll be sharing information about some Yellowdig tips and tricks both in the Yellowdig space and also here at the blog.

DPL Track Blog. URL: Storytelling.DPL.online
This is a DPL resource blog... and you're here right now! :-)
I'll write one post here each day, and you can also find the links to the Schedule and Keynotes here (see navigation bar along the top of the blog).
I  am a huge fan (HUGE FAN) of blogging, and I would encourage people to create their own blog in addition to the posts you share at Yellowdig. Especially if you have never blogged before, this could be a fun way to give it a try. Lots of detailed notes for how to start blogging here: Summer2020.LauraGibbs.net. If you do start a blog, let me know, and I can add it to our blog networks (see below).

Microfiction Manual. URL: Micro.LauraGibbs.net
This is a first version (a.k.a. draft!) of an evolving handbook to help independent learners who want to explore the world of 100-word stories. It contains 10 chapters, each of which has a suggested activity at the end of the chapter. There's also a feedback form included at the end of each chapter; I will really appreciate your input about what's working, what's not working, and how I can make this manual more useful in the future.

Microfiction Padlet. URL: MicroPadlet.LauraGibbs.net
This Padlet is a public-facing space where you can share your stories. The Padlet is anonymous, but of course you can include your name as a byline with the story if you want, along with a link to your blog if you are blogging your stories. I hope people will want to share some stories here in a more public space in addition to the stories you are sharing in the Yellowdig discussion space.

Blog Network. URL: MicroNet.LauraGibbs.net
This is a webpage that uses RSS to bring together new items from my blog, the Microfiction Padlet, along with your blog posts if you have a blog you want me to include. Use this form to include your blog in the network.

Contributions. URL: Share.LauraGibbs.net
This is a Google Form that you can use to contribute your stories for a DPL Summer 2021 publication (participants from any tracks are welcome to contribute stories; I hope lots of people will want to join in!) and/or to contribute stories for use in a future edition of the Microfiction Manual.

Suggestion Box. URL: SuggestionBox.LauraGibbs.net
This is an all-purpose suggestion box. It's anonymous, and you can always reach me at laurakgibbs@gmail.com if you have an idea you want to bounce back-and-forth. This is the first time I've participated in DPL, and I appreciate any help and suggestions you can provide!

Image credit: Princess Bride map by Tom B. at Flickr.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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