Maybe a book...?

Jul 27, 2021

I'm hoping that some Digital Pedagogy Lab people might want to create a book of microfiction (100 words or shorter) together! We'll be writing lots of stories in the Storytelling track, and I am guessing there is going to be all kinds of creative work happening in the other tracks too. So, if any of that creative work takes the form of tiny stories, we could bring all that together in a book!

Last year, the students in my Mythology-and-Folklore and Epics-of-India classes created their own anthologies of microfiction, which we published as Pressbooks. You can find them both online here: The digital versions in multiple formats are all free; I set the Amazon print and Kindle prices to the lowest possible price Amazon allows.

book covers of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 anthologies

Because the students shared those stories with a CC BY-NC-SA license, I was able to reuse those stories to create the Microfiction Manual, which is also a CC-licensed document that I hope to publish as a book eventually. It would not have been possible without all the stories that the students generously shared!

I've created an online Google Form for people who might want to contribute additional stories to the Microfiction Manual, and I've set up the form so that people can indicate if they would like to contribute a story to a DPL Summer 2021 publication. Here's the form: If you are submitting multiple stories that are part of a cycle, don't worry; I'll be in touch to make sure I get them in the right order. I'll also follow up with any special editing, formatting, etc.; just make sure I have a good email address where I can contact you about your story/stories as I assemble the book. And THANK YOU for contributing! :-)

I used Pressbooks as the publishing platform for the books, and it was a fantastic experience; I am a very happy Pressbooks user. Highly recommended! Here are some notes about my process: Behind the Scenes with Tiny Tales of Fall 2020. The Fall book came together really nicely, and I was able to go with the same basic process, layout, etc. for Spring. A nice discovery in Spring was the new Pressbooks theme called Malala; it worked beautifully for microfiction stories.

My goal for a DPL anthology would be to have people finish contributing stories around August 15, and then if all goes well I could assemble the book in the second half of August. (My September is going to be weird/busy, so finishing in August would be a big plus for me.)

You can let me know what you think! I've started a discussion space about this in the Yellowdig Auditorium, and of course it will be a topic of conversation for us in the Storytelling track. It was something that my students were very excited about it, and I hope it will be something exciting for DPL also. :-)

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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