Day 3. Wednesday. Contract/Expand :-)

Aug 3, 2021

Hi everybody! It's Hump Day / Wednesday, but in the wonderful freedom of asynchronous DPL, you might just be getting started today, and that's great: it all works! So, jump in with Day 1 or Day 2 as needed... or read on for some Day 3 goodness:

STORIES ARE HAPPENING. There are over 50 stories bouncing around in the Yellowdig space now as I write this, and that's around 6PM on Tuesday; there will be even more before the night is through I am sure. People are doing fabulous stuff, even inventing totally new story-forms, like Greg's crescendo-style story here: Roman Holiday. (1-word sentence, then 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and then on back down again 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1: so cool!).
Looking at other people's stories can be a good way to get ideas for your own, and the Randomizer is a way to access lots of stories at random, in addition to the most recent stories that you see at the top of the stream. (More about story comments below.)

Microfiction Manual. Whatever direction you want to go next is great... shortening your stories even more or perhaps expanding them with multimedia.
Chapter 4 is about stories that are even shorter than 100 words.
Chapter 5 is about multimedia and hypertext digital storytelling.
And here's something really cool: someone already did an audio story! Check out Jim's post with the audio included: Motherhood. If anybody else gives that a try, just add #audio to your story post so people can come listen. You can record a story (any kind of voice recording app for your phone or computer will work), and then upload the audio file to include in the post; you'll find audio as one of the options down at the bottom of the post, along with the option to upload and include an image.

Revised stories in NEW posts. If you revise a story in some substantial way, like by adding multimedia or doing a big rewrite, go ahead and create a NEW POST for the revised story. That way you will be more likely to get comments on the new version!

Commenting on stories. I'll keep updating the randomizer at to try to help spread the comments around so that every story can get some comments, not just the most recent stories. You can also find stories to comment on by using people's portfolio hashtags; just click on that portfolio hashtag and you'll find their other story posts.
I'm trying to comment on every story (although I'm starting to get behind... thank you for your patience if I am slow to get to a story!), and I'm so glad to see everybody sharing their comments and responses too. Every reader has their own take on a story, and it is such an incredible opportunity here to get to connect and share in a nice big group.

Collaborative writing. Jump in at the Wednesday Word Doodle... and there are links there to Monday and Tuesday too (they both have some wild experiments ongoing!) — plus of course you can write your own doodles too, either aiming for 100 words, or just seeing how long your one-sentence story can become.

Padlet for public sharing. If you have a story you want to share more publicly, jump in at the Padlet, where you can also include an image or video with your story too. So, for example, if you want to share a story you wrote with a friend, post it at the Padlet, and then you can share the Padlet link with them, where they can see your story, along with others that show up there too.

Keynote. The keynote speaker on Wednesday is Ashley McCall, with a live Q&A at noon EDT. Here's a link to all the keynote speaker information.

And here is some beautiful camel art from a Rajasthan camel festival; more about the Pushkar Fair if you are curious.

Banner image. Caravan.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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