Day 2. Tuesday: Reading and Writing :-)

Aug 2, 2021

(If you are just now jumping in, that's not a problem at all; start with the Monday post here.)

I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for all the first-day contributions that had already come in when I wrote this post (which is 6PM Eastern...Tuesday morning in Australia!) —  we even have stories already! So check out the Stories Topic, and see what's going on there: so much variety already in the dozen or so stories people have already posted. People have also been sharing their thoughts getting started with the Microfiction Manual; you can see those posts in the Chapter 1 Topic.

Microfiction Manual. The focus today is Chapter 2, and also Chapter 3 if you have time. These chapters each provide a survey of some of the popular genres of microfiction. And no worries if you have not started yet: just begin at the beginning and go go go!

Writing and posting stories. Both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 have the same writing adventure which is to start writing your own 100-word stories to share at Yellowdig in the Stories Topic.
Maybe you will want to post some stories publicly at our Microfiction Padlet too (Sonja added a beautiful story there: look for the beach!).
You can also post your stories at a blog like Jen is doing; you can see the story at her blog, and she also made a Yellowdig post where she can get feedback from people in our community.

Hashtags for personal portfolios. It will be helpful to use a personal hashtag on your story posts in Yellowdig so you can create your own story portfolio; more about Yellowdig Hashtags. For example, I'll be tagging my stories as #lauragportfolio (all lower case works better at Yellowdig). That way someone who is reading one of your stories can click on that hashtag link and see more of your stories.
Sometimes Yellowdig is weird about creating a hashtag the first time, but after you use it once, then it's easy to choose it from the prompt.

Commenting on stories. I hope you will want to start commenting on other people's stories and any other posts that interest you. To spread out comments across the story posts, I've built a randomizer, and one of my tasks this week will be try to keep that updated: adding new stories, while also removing stories that have received some comments already. You can access the randomizer here: ... you can press the "reload" link at the top of the page to see new story posts at random.
The randomizer displays the Yellowdig site embedded into another webpage, which means not all the functionality is there, but you should be able to leave comments on posts this way. I hope that will be useful in spreading out comments across all the stories people are writing. (Yellowdig is new to me, but I used to use a randomizer for my blog-based classes; I hope this will work too!)

Collaborative writing. Jump in at the Tuesday Word Doodle if you are interested, and you can also jump in at the other word doodles for the week; each day's word doodle has links to the others also.... thank you to the Monday Doodlers too, and keep on adding on there if you want: Monday Doodle.
Also, check out how Grant riffed on that Doodle making his own story: so cool!

Yellowdig profile. If you haven't created a Yellowdig profile yet, I would encourage you to do that so people reading your posts can put those posts in a more personal context, and the same profile works for the Auditorium also (where some good discussions are happening too). Just click on the lower-left "User Options" and you can set up your profile. Then, whenever people click on "you" in the Yellowdig space, they'll be able to see the information you share there.

Synchronous DigPed Meet-Up. I don't have any synchronous meet-ups planned for our track, but Laura (Laura as in Lah-oo-rah) Soracco has set up a meet-up space daily; details here. And I would encourage people who want to connect like that to use the Auditorium space to organize and share info, and you can ping me also so I can include that kind of information here in our announcements too.


colored pencils with text: When life gets complicated, choose to create.

and life is unbearably complicated these days.
So: we need to keep creating! :-)

Banner image: Bookstore cat at Ophelias Books. Graphic from @Keetons Office Supplies.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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