Day 1. Monday. Let's go!

Aug 1, 2021

Starting with an acknowledgment... I am writing as a settler living on the land of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation in Person county, North Carolina. At the website of the Occaneechi Band you can read more about the history of the Occaneechi and the Saponi Confederation, and you can also learn more at the Person County Museum. In addition, I want to acknowledge that, in the year 1860, half of the people in Person county were enslaved African Americans. I am committed to learning and teaching the history of colonization and enslavement, condemning those crimes and the harms they have done so that we can fight for a more just future. I hope that you will want to spend some time this week learning about the stories told by the peoples of the land on which you live. #land

Finding your path. Just what you want to do today and all this week is up to you! If you are here for the story writing, that's great; I hope people will write and share lots of stories... and there are other possibilities too:
— you might spend this week getting deep into the microfiction websites and books which are out there just waiting to be read
— you might focus on reading and commenting on your fellow participants' stories in the Yellowdig space
— if you are a teacher, maybe you will create materials to use in your own classes.
I've got suggestions here for things to do each day based on what I hope will be a good creative "flow" for writing stories, but these are just suggestions. What you do from day to day is up to you: just go-go-go in whatever direction(s) you want, and then share what you learn along the way. I see this week as a "show-and-tell"  experience using the Yellowdig space to connect and share.

Microfiction Manual. In July I wrote a rough OER textbook that I hope will be useful for us now:
The focus today is the Introduction and Chapter 1, with the first adventure: start exploring the world of 100-word stories and sharing your thoughts and ideas in Yellowdig: Chapter 1.
And if you're ready to jump in with Chapter 2 now, go for it! Chapter 2 is an introduction to public domain storytelling based on myths and folklore, with lots of examples from my students that I hope will inspire you to try some mytho-storytelling too.

Spaces and sites. I've written a blog post that provides an overview of all the different spaces and sites you might be using this week: Spaces and Sites. I also wrote up a blog post with some Yellowdig Tips and Tricks.

Collaborative writing. One fun form of microfiction is the one-sentence story, known as a "word-doodle"... and with the power of English conjunctions and creative punctuation, a single sentence can actually get very long! Jump in at the Monday Word Doodle if you are interested. Keep adding on, but don't start a new sentence; build on what is there by adding, inserting, editing, expanding. What kind of story can we tell together in just one sentence? I've set up three different versions so we can see how the same kernel can grow into totally different doodles. :-)

Yellowdig Intro and Profile. You may have created a Yellowdig intro post about yourself already, either in the Auditorium and/or in our Storytelling track space: either way is good! You can also configure your Yellowdig profile; just click on User Options in the lower-left corner. You can choose any avatar (I always use some kind of fox in honor of the trickster fox in Aesop's fables), choose a banner image, and write a little about yourself there. This is my profile, and when you click on "me" anywhere in the Yellowdig space, you can access that page, which also links to all my posts across Yellowdig. So, when you are reading someone's story or other post this week, remember that you can see their other posts via the profile page like that.

Keynote. The keynote speaker for Monday is Blair Imani, with a live Q&A at noon EDT. Here's a link to all the keynote speaker information. Here are the specific keynote links for today:
Keynote postRegister for Q&AWatch the livestream

Questions? There's a Yellowdig topic area for questions, and you can also contact me by email: I'm going to try to be online as much as I can this week based on my timezone (Eastern U.S.), but I know we have people around the globe, so I'd suggest posting your questions in Yellowdig so that you might receive get an answer even when I am snoozing here in North Carolina. :-)

And now......... jump in, and have fun!

young monk flying on purple elephant to the moon with Carl Sagan quote:  Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.

Banner image: Seneca Forest Trail in West Virginia.
Carl Sagan quote: The graphic is by the marvelous Molly Hahn of Buddha Doodles; the Sagan quote is from Cosmos.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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