Day 0. Starting on Sunday... if you want :-)

Aug 1, 2021

Hi, everybody, and welcome to the Storytelling track of this summer's Digital Pedagogy Lab. I'm so excited to be "here" in this online space where we can connect and share. If you're curious, I've got a blog post about this blog, about the Yellowdig space, and about the other spaces/sites for our Storytelling track.

Sunday is "Day 0" ... which means a chance just to have fun and explore if you want. Sean has opened up the Auditorium, which is where everybody from all the tracks can meet up. If you have time to post an Introduction there, that would be great, and there are lots of Introduction posts there already to read and comment on if . Here's my post: Hi to everybody from a bookworm in North Carolina.

You might also set up your Yellowdig Profile; just go to the lower-left corner of the Yellowdig screen and click. You can choose an avatar, a banner image for your profile page, and provide some information and links there too. When you click on someone's avatar, it takes you to their profile page, and you can also see all their posts both in this Auditorium space and also in our track space. For example, here's my profile page. (Yes, I like foxes! I like ALL the trickster animals...)

Day 1 is Monday... and Monday morning in Australia (hi there, Clare!) is around 6PM here in the eastern U.S. where I live, so I'll be publishing the new day's post each day at 6PM my time, which will also be a nice head start for people who are juggling complicated schedules this week, as I'm sure many of you are.

Meanwhile, enjoy exploring the Auditorium, and please let me know about any ideas, questions, suggestions, etc. you have as we get started this week. You can contact me in the Auditorium, or send me an email anytime

Banner image: Hello Word Cloud at MaxPixel.

Laura Gibbs

I (she/her) recently retired from teaching online courses in folklore & mythology at Univ. of Oklahoma. I'm always a fox on social media, in honor of Aesop's foxes, and I'm a fan of ALL animal fables.

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